Nokia news log.. - Mingo Ice Cream Manufacturer Singapore Mingo Ice Cream is one of the leading Singapore ice cream suppliers and ice cream manufacturers since year 2009, and has been constantly growing across countries with wider range of ice cream products. Mingo offers a wide variety of ice cream that caters to all ages, occasions and lifestyles. Started with a humble recipe by none other than our Executive Vice President, Jirasak Vongsuwan, our traditional Thai recipe was well received by many. We expanded our ice cream flavour to meet different taste profiles, for example green tea, double chocolate, raisin grandeur, and a whole list of fruity f Read Morelavours you can ever imagine. Mingo is passionate in creating creative flavourful ice creams, and we are pretty good at doing it. Mingo Ice Cream carries a list of notable ice cream brands including Rokka, Oasis and Fruitesia in Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, and parts of Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar and China. We hope to bring joy and laughter through our ice creams to each and every one who adores the ice delicacy through Mingo Ice cream. Wed, 12 Dec 2018 04:21:28 UTC en